CV Format for Jobs in Kenya

By John Wanjora

There are three main CV formats: chronological, functional and the combination format. Here are some ideas to help you decide on which one among the three to opt for when applying for a job. 

Chronological CV Format

This is usually the best format if you have had no interruptions in your employment and training history. The best thing about such consistency is that you can showcase it as part of your character. 

In the chronological CV, information about your professional experience and training is placed beginning with the most recent, then going back in time. When doing this, remember to use the job description and requirements as stated by the employer as your guide on what information to present. Employers like the chronological CV format as it clearly shows the details that they want, and employers can thus easily decide on whether the candidate presents the best solution to the kind of need at hand.

Functional CV Format

Here is a wonderful chance to head the production department at Farmers Choice Ltd., for instance. However, it's been six years now since you served in the corporate world because you took up lecturing immediately after completing your Ph.D. in Animal Production. To earn your ticket to the interview, your best bet would be the Functional CV format, as it will afford you the chance to emphasize your management capabilities before employment history. Since the Functional CV format emphasizes your core competencies, it enables you to present your most relevant experience first even if that isn't your current preoccupation. This is, therefore, the best option for people changing from one career to another.

Note also that some employers get curious whenever a Functional CV lands on their table. They imagine that you could be hiding some details about yourself, which might either be or not be the case. For this among other reasons, choose an experienced hand to do your Functional CV. This format is usually recommended for professionals with a lot of work experience, whereby some positions would obviously have to be omitted from the document depending on their relevance to the vacancy at hand.

Combination CV Format

As its name suggests, the Combination CV format allows you to borrow the best aspects of both the chronological and functional CVs to your advantage. This format could be your best bet if you have some years of relevant experience, but also a history of being on and off the job market or line of profession.  This format is also recommended for people with long years of professional experience, as well as for people making career transitions.

From the foregoing, we see that the choice of CV is largely determined by your situation and professional history. If you're a young professional with consistent work record, go for the chronological CV format. However, if you're a veteran in the industry, or if you're changing careers, your best bet would be the functional or chrono-functional format.

About the Author

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