How to Write a CV for Employers in Kenya

When setting out to write a CV for employers in Kenya, consider that the CV is the most important marketing tool in your journey to a new job. It tells the employer about where you schooled, your professional know-how, accomplishments, and most significantly, what to anticipate from you. In order to make it a most effective communication tool for this purpose, below are three key factors to consider.

Make it Convincing

Your CV should satisfy the employer that you have what it takes to handle the business in question, and it would thus be worth their time giving you an interview.

The details in your CV should thus be custom-made to match the requirements described by the employer in the job description. For example, if the job description states a teacher of Biology with three years professional experience, you should bring out in your CV, prominently, how you fulfill this requirement. It is only by doing this that you can expect to interest the employer. 

CV as Guide for Interviewers

The details that you give concerning your professional training and experience are essential guides for interviewers  on how to interrogate you on these areas. Thus, the information that you put in these sections when writing a CV for employers in Kenya should be truthful and certifiable. Remember that forging of certificates is an offence punishable by law – so don’t try this, unless your mom is a judge with his private court and prison. 

CV as a Reference for Employers

The CV serves as an important record used by employers whenever the requirement arises to compare your experiences with those of other contenders. This is a normal corporate procedure, especially when drawing a short-list of contenders to invite for subsequent rounds of interviews, or when deciding who to employ. 

When planning to write a CV for employers in Kenya, therefore, consider that job application document serve other important functions besides just giving your employment history and training. By reading between the lines, the manager can tell more about your potentials, and aspirations. 

So, structure the documents to give a holistic presentation of your candidature. As many HR managers will tell you, majority of candidates fail to secure an interview, not because they lack the qualifications, but simply because they fail to market the value that the qualifications and skills stand to bring to the employer. Should you need any assistance in making your CV match the employer’s expectations, do not hesitate to contact us at CVs By John:, or via Tel: 0720 079413 for assistance.

About the Author

John Wanjora is the lead consultant at CVs By John. He is also the author of Getting Your Dream Job, Kenya's best selling titles on CV and cover letter writing.

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